Custom designed luxury homes Geelong

Custom-designed luxury homes Geelong

Want to maximise your land and increase your profit potential?

Lifestyle Builders has a highly specialised team that will help design and build specifically for your high-end property, luxury home or investment requirements in Geelong, utilising the maximum potential of your block. Dual occupancy dwellings are a cost-effective and versatile housing solution, ideal for an investor or owner occupier, providing anyone with the opportunity to earn passive income by living in one and renting out the other. It’s also beneficial for keeping the family together, by offering a housing solution for your ageing or restricted relatives, allowing you to remain a stone’s throw away.

Town house developments

Looking to downsize? Take advantage of townhouse living.

Lifestyle Builders are devoted to exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our team comprises of fully qualified, passionate, and professional experts within the building industry. Lifestyle Builders treat their clients as members of the team, valuing full transparency and never shying from providing expert advice throughout the entire process.

We want to support our clients and help them achieve their goal; whether it is your first home, extending an existing home, or looking to invest. Townhouses are ideal for families, investors and people who are ready for something a bit smaller once the kids have flown the coop. Townhouse living offers incredible value for money with a combination of affordability and convenience suitable to most lifestyles in almost any location.

Requiring less maintenance, providing privacy, safety and security, strong rent potential and still capturing the essentials of a detached dwelling.


We also provide house renovations and sloping block homes in Geelong.

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