Custom built home design Geelong

Custom home designs Geelong

Are you wanting a home that separates you from the rest?

Lifestyle Builders has an award-winning in-house design and construction team, who work together with our clients to reach their custom home design goals. We pride ourselves on being there for our clients from the concept stage all the way through to the handover.

At Lifestyle Builders we offer various levels of customisation that caters to every client. We work alongside you to develop a unique build that aligns with your ideas. We offer a range of designs to suit a variety of clients including:

Lifestyle Builders range

Our range of pre-designed homes are produced in-house which can be manicured to suit most sites in the Geelong area. This range offers limited customisation. For example; choosing from a colour scheme created by our interior design team.

Semi-custom/custom home

This allows you to customise a design from our Lifestyle Builders Range that is suitable to your budget and lifestyle. For example; add additional rooms, change window configurations and colour schemes and upgrade your fittings & fixtures.


Alternatively, design and build from scratch. We will work with you to create something unique and a home you are proud of, giving you the opportunity to add your own personal touch without being hit with redesign fees.

Bespoke/luxury homes

Tailored to you specifically, this process takes into consideration all your aspirations for your home – from the interiors through to landscaping. These Luxury homes are inspired by your ideas and we are here to make these ideas your reality. Our team prides itself on our build quality and have the expertise to achieve any ambitious goal, relative to your budget.


Talk to our team today about your vision. We also provide interior design services and landscaping and pool design in Geelong.

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