Sloping block builders Geelong

Sloping block builders Geelong

Do you have a sloping block and have searched relentlessly to find the right builder to fulfil your dreams?

Well, you have come to the right place. This is where we come in! Lifestyle Builders will relieve the stress that accompanies building on a complex site, with our highly experienced and devoted team we will direct you through the entire process and customise your home to maximise your site’s potential, achieving the best possible outcome.

Lifestyle Builders specialise in designing custom homes on sloping blocks that suit your individual needs. A sloping block requires expertise and innovation, which our team has in abundance. Our team are able to develop a unique design that accompanies your vision and compliments the natural landscape.

There are 3 types of builds that complement a sloping block site. Each type is site specific based on the fall of the land.

The 3 types of builds include.

  • Partially split homes (minimal steps between levels)
  • Half-split homes (a combination of building storeys and differing floor levels)
  • Fully split homes (multiple levels with flights of stairs between)

Split-level homes are a cost-effective way to build on an irregular site by minimising site costs and maximising the property’s natural features. This style of building allows you to take advantage of views, integrate luxury design features, and create separation within the home by delivering multiple living areas and private open spaces across different levels, fully tailored to suit your lifestyle.


We also provide knock down rebuild homes and custom designed luxury homes in Geelong.

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