Knockdown rebuild home builders Geelong

Knock down rebuild home builders Geelong

Are you thinking about building a new home, but love where you live?

A knockdown rebuild may be the option for your home in Geelong. You have the opportunity to enhance your overall lifestyle, by improving the quality of your current home and boost the appearance of your overall neighbourhood.

Is an existing dwelling standing in the way of your ideal home? We can help you achieve your dream without the hassle of changing your address. A knockdown rebuild can help avoid the complications that can sometimes accompany renovations.
Lifestyle Builders is committed to crafting your vision and building your innovative design. Our all-inclusive service will support you through the demolition process and obtain all necessary permits.

When knocking down a house there are some things that need to be considered, such as;

  • Planning and regulations,
  • Site context,
  • Boundaries and easements,
  • Dimensions of site,
  • Neighbouring properties,
  • Overshadowing and overlooking,
  • Existing and proposed landscaping,
  • Driveways and parking areas, and
  • Drainage systems

We will guide you through this entire process.


Lifestyle Builders also offer high-end property developments and residential renovations in Geelong.

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